Macedonian Archaeologists Discover Ancient Coins near Ohrid

Around 20 coins with the image of the father of Alexander the Great, Philip II of Macedon, and "other ancient Macedonian rulers" were found by archaeologists during excavations along the road between the south western Macedonian towns of Ohrid and Struga, national media reported today.

In addition to the coins, a space with around 1,000 arrows was also discovered, Director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office Pasko Kuzman told the Alsat-M television station.

The archaeological find was made in the vicinity of the Cyclops Fortress, which according to Kuzman, dates to the 358 BC when Philip II passed through the area with his army. The fortress, he added, was a strategic military position for the ruler's army.

Although Philip II of Macedon's biggest claim to historical claim is perhaps his fathering of Alexander the Great, the ancient Greek personage (382 336 BC) was a great ruler and military strategist in his own right, who largely realised his expansionist vision.

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