Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Alexander: Child of a Dream

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Before his birth, omens foretold that Alexander, son of the warrior-king Philip of Macedonia, was destined for greatness. From boyhood, the prince was trained by the finest scholars and mightiest soldiers to attain extraordinary strength of body and spirit. A descendant of Heracles and Achilles, Alexander aimed to surpass his ancestors' heroism and honor, and his chosen companions strove to be worthy to share his godlike fate.

Even as a youth, Alexander's deeds were unequaled. In a single day, he tamed the fierce steed Bucephalus. In his first battle, his troops defeated the invincible Sacred Band. And as he grew to manhood, surrounded by deadly plots and intrigue, his friends pledged to follow him to the ends of the world. With the support of that loyal group of men, Alexander's might would transform dreams of conquest into reality amid the fabled cities of Persia and the mysterious East...and his destiny would carry them all to glory.


  1. Manfredi's trilogy of Alexander is the only one that can compete with Renault's. His Alexander although is not as tender and soft as Renault's is still a very intruiging person.

    The author has done his homework, in some ways he is even better than most historians. The world he creates is very real and the inacuracies are too few to mention.

    Amazon and the publishing house in their infinite wisdon saw fit to release only the first of the trilogy. Go figure!

  2. i read all the three parts of the book written by an amzaing Valerio massimo. history is narrated very beautifully which produces further thurst of knowledge about this great man.