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After Alexander' s death in 323 B.C .his only direct heirs were two unborn sons and a simpleton half-brother. Every long-simmering faction exploded into the vacuum of power. Wives, distant relatives, and generals all vied for the loyalty of the increasingly undisciplined Macedonian army. Most failed and were killed in the attempt. For no one possessed the leadership to keep the great empire from crumbling. But Alexander' s legend endured to spread into worlds he had seen only in dreams.

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  1. Unlike the other two installments of the trilogy this is a lot more "history" and a lot less "historical fiction". Alexander is gone and the main characters are left to their own devises. Their actions are described as well as their motives but their feelings and thoughts are not mentioned.

    However thanks to Renault's abilities this book is not a boring acount of what happened. It's quite informative but in a less "scholastic" view. Not a light read, though.