Help Save the Sacred Altar of the 12 Gods

From Very recently, during constructions on the railway network of Athens, a magnificent Treasure of the Hellenic History was discovered, a masterpiece of the Hellenic Culture, the Sacred Altar of the 12 Gods. Now this Treasure is in immediate danger because of the lack of interest of the Hellenic State, because of the decision of the railway company to bury it as quick as possible. And also know that the Altar and its very site were the center of Athens in Ancient Years. The holiest spot of Athens. Where Hiketes (suppliants) would ask for Mercy! As archaeologists say, it is as important as the golden-elephantine statue of Goddess Athena! This Altar is not only an archaeological remain. It is also Sacred, especially to us, the followers of the Hellenic Ancient Religion. The total devastation of it, means that the Hellenic Culture has been mutilated by the ignorant and dangerous people who rule and they do not respect who they are, where they come from, and especially where they want to lead us, the Hellenes%u2026%u201D

Please help us to spread the news to all civilized people from all over the world, and to save
even the last minute the Cultural and Spiritual Treasure of our Ancient Heritage.

Call or e-mail Greek Ministry of "Culture" 302131322100 e-mail
Railway Station (ISAP) 302103248311 - 17 e-mail


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  1. Hi Maria, I signed the petition to save the altars. Thanks for posting...Jan