List of movies

(i) Prehomeric myth
Hercules (Pietro Francisci, 1958; with Steve Reeves)
Hercules Unchained (Pietro Francisci, 1959; with Steve Reeves)
The Loves of Hercules (Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, 1960; with Jayne Mansfield)
Hercules and the Captive Women (Vittorio Cottafavi, 1961; with Reg Park)
Atlas (Roger Corman, 1961; with Michael Forest)
The Giants of Thessaly (Riccardo Freda, 1961; with Roland Carey)
Hercules in the Centre of the Earth (Mario Bava, 1962; with Reg Park)
Sons of Thunder (Duccio Tessari, 1962; with Giuliano Gemma)
Jason and the Argonauts (Don Chaffey, 1963; with Todd Armstrong)
Perseus against the Monsters (Alberto De Martino, 1963; with Richard Harrison)
Hercules' Challenge (Giorgio Ferroni, 1964; with Gordon Scott)
Hercules, Samson and Ulysses (Pietro Francisci, 1964; with Kirk Morris)
Hercules against the Sons of the Sun (Osvaldo Civirani, 1964; with Mark Forest)
Hercules in New York (Arthur Allan Seidelman, 1972; with Arnold Schwarzenegger)
The Amazons (Terence Young, 1974; with Alena Johnston)
Clash of the Titans (Desmond Davis, 1981; with Harry Hamlin)
Hercules (Lewis Coates, 1983; with Lou Ferrigno)
Hercules (John Clements/Ronald Musker, 1997; with the voice of Tate Donovan)
Clash of the Titans (Louis Letterier, 2010; with Sam Worthington)

(ii) Homer and Troy
The Private Life of Helen of Troy (Alexander Korda, 1928; with Maria Corda)
Ulysses (Mario Camerini, 1954; with Kirk Douglas)
The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships (Marc Allegret, 1955; with Hedy Lamarr)
Helen of Troy (Robert Wise, 1955; with Rossanna Podestà)
Love Slaves of the Amazons (Vittorio Sala, 1960; with Ed Fury)
The Trojan War (Giorgio Ferroni, 1961; with Steve Reeves)
Achilles (Mario Girolami, 1962; with Gordon Mitchell)
War of the Trojans (Giorgio Rivalta, 1962; with Steve Reeves)
Ulysses against Hercules (Mario Caiano, 1962; with George Marchal)
The Lion of Thebes (Giorgio Ferroni, 1965; with Mark Forrest)
Troy (Wolfgan Petersen, 2004; with Brad Pitt)
Odysseus and the isle of the mist (Terry Ingram, 2008; with Arnold Vosloo)

(iii) History: archaic, classical, Hellenistic, Roman
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love (Fernando Cerchio/Victor Tourjansky, 1958; with Belinda Lee)
Alexander the Great (Robert Rossen, 1960; with Richard Burton)
The Giant of Marathon (Jacques Tourneur/Mario Bava, 1960; with Steve Reeves)
The Colossus of Rhodes (Sergio Leone, 1961; with Rory Calhoun)
Il conquistatore di Corinto (Mario Costa, 1962; with Jacques Sernas)
The 300 Spartans (Rudolph Mate, 1962; with Ralph Richardson)
The Spartan Gladiators (Alberto De Martino, 1965; with Tony Russel)
The Gladiator (Ridley Scott 2000; with Russel Crowe)
Alexander (Oliver Stone, 2004; with Colin Farrell)
300 (Zuck Snyder, 2006; with Gerard Butler)
Meet the Spartans (Jason Friedberg, 2008; with Sean Maguire)
Agora (Alejandro Amenabar, 2009; with Rachel Weisz)

(iv) Cleopatra
Cleopatra (Cecil B. DeMille, 1934; with Claudette Colbert)
Caesar and Cleopatra (Gabriel Pascal, 1945; with Vivien Leigh)
Two Nights with Cleopatra (Mario Mattoli, 1954; with Sophia Loren)
Legions of the Nile (Vittorio Cottafavi, 1960; with Linda Cristal)
Antony and Cleopatra (Charlton Heston, 1962; with Hildegard Neil)
Cleopatra (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1963; with Elizabeth Taylor)
A Queen for Caesar (Victor Tourjansky, 1963; with Pascale Petit)
Toto e Cleopatra (Fernando Cerchio, 1963; with Magali Noel)
Carry on Cleo (Gerald Thomas, 1964; with Amanda Barrie)

(v) Films of Greek drama
Prometheus in Chains (Costas Demetrios Gaziadis, 1927; with Georges Bourlos)
Oedipus Rex (Tyrone Guthrie, 1956; with Douglas Campbell)
The Persians (Jean Prat, 1961; with Francois Chaumette)
Antigone (George Tzavellas, 1961; with Irene Papas)
The Bacchantes (Giorgio Ferroni, 1961; with Taina Elg)
Electra (Michael Cacoyannis, 1961; with Irene Papas)
Phaedra (Jules Dassin, 1961; with Melina Mercouri)
Electra (Ted Zarpas, 1962; with Anna Synodinou)
Seven from Thebes (Luigi Vanci, 1964; with Andre Lawrence)
The Virgin (Dimis Dadiras, 1966; with Alkis Yannakas)
Oedipus Rex (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1967; with Franco Citti)
Oedipus the King (Philip Saville, 1967; with Christopher Plummer)
The Cannibals (Liliana Cavani, 1970; with Britt Ekland)
Medea (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1970; with Maria Callas)
The Trojan Women (Michael Cacoyannis, 1971; with Katharine Hepburn)
Electre (Jean-Louis Ughettoto, 1972; with Evelyne Istria)
Lysistrata (Yorgos Zervoulakos, 1972; with Jenni Karezi)
Prometheus Second Person Singular (Costas Ferris, 1975; with Yiannis Canoupakis)
Electreia (Miklos Jancso, 1975; with Mari Torocsik)
Iphigenia (Michael Cacoyannis, 1976; with Irene Papas)
The Acharnians (Mimis Kouyioumtzis, 1976; with Yorgos Lazanis)

TV Pilot
Alexander the Great with William Shatner

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